The Lone Angler is so very happy to have the opportunity to chat with “dem boys” from The Crappie Chronicles on this episode. Adam Bartusek, Adam Griffin and Matt Waldron are creating some of the best ice fishing content on YouTube right now! What is so good you say? Well go watch the series and see for yourself! If you love hunting form monster crappies or just monster fish in general, then this is a must listen.

Bartusek, the man behind the lens, tell us what his vision was and continues to be for The Crappie Chronicles, as well as, his future on YouTube. Waldo and Grif spill some excellent knowledge about hunting these elusive panfish. We talk mindset, gear, the ups and downs, the risk and reward. This type of fishing is not for the fun, not for clout, but it is for the challenge! Enjoy and we(Bart, Grif, Waldo and myself), Hope you find this helpful, informative and fun!

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